Marie Ketzscher


Sally Pearce

Is there a life outside the box? Thoughts on communicating and curating

PRESENTATION: Su, 27 March, 12:00 @ BICKLE KINO – Belvedere 21

Drawing on different work experiences  – public relations work as well as content and community – Nora and Marie came together as colleagues for the first time in 2018 as a part of the selection committee for the DocumentArt festival in Neubrandenburg. Having known each other as well as Berlin and its cultural life beforehand, they then ventured into questions of experimental and open forms in film and in how far those can be appreciated by a public in smaller towns or even rural areas. They will take this collaboration as a starting point to contemplate how film programs evolve with a specific viewer in mind (or not), how they are being presented to/by the media and finally, how they find or miss out on their audience — in a time, where the pandemic and other world-changing events bring own challenges to presentation and content alike. Is the open form an opportunity or an obstacle when it comes to these different creative processes? Nora and Marie heartily invite the Under the Radar crowd to join them on the non-stage to figure that out!


Marie Ketzscher has been writing for the online magazine with an emphasis on animation and feminism since 2011; she became ist co-editor in August 2020. She is furthermore the PR manager for Berlinale Talents as well as other film and music projects and contributes to festivals as a curator and in advisory capacity, for example the dokumentART Festival 2018, Under the Radar Vienna 2019 and 2020, the Österreichische Kulturforum Berlin 2021 and the Festival of Animation Berlin 2021.